Back Success Stories

My life has always been one of “active engagement”. Gym workouts, aerobics, scuba diving, rock climbing, back packing, and skiing have all been constants. A rear end car accident a few months ago left me in such pain that I wondered if my life would ever be normal again.

The staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC were the perfect people to have shown up in my life at that time. Exercises, manual manipulation, ultrasound, and core exercises gradually brought me back. Today I have added the water exercises to my routine and last night I had the best step aerobic workout I’ve ever had!

My sincere thanks to the Doctors, PT’s, and staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for getting me back in the game. You guys are the best!

Howard S.

I started with pain from my lower back going down my right leg. After a few visits it was gone. I also had a huge knot above my right knee. After a few visits it was gone. Everything worked especially manual therapy. I had been here about five years ago with problems in my neck and was taken care of, so I knew this was the place to go.

Patricia C.

Before coming to physical therapy my back sore and sitting/standing in the same position for long periods of time was uncomfortable. After working with the staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, I have learned ways to exercise the tension from my back. I was taught a variety of exercises that I will be able to keep up at home without worrying about making mistakes or taking hours out of my day.

All of the staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC is very friendly and personable. It was nice getting to know the staff as well as the other patients in a comfortable, friendly setting. I teach a high school life skills (special education) class and have been teaching them the importance of exercise by implementing some of the exercises I have learned while going to physical therapy. My students really enjoy the exercises I have shown them and have asked to learn more! I have recommended Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to others and will continue to do so. If I need to have physical therapy again, I will definitely come back.

Michele G.

I am very pleased with the results I have had at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. The staff have been wonderful and very pleasant. If I ever have problems again, I certainly will return to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. Thank you for everything.

Walter B.

I have been having back problems, culminating in a golf trip that I had been planning for a year. I was unable to swing a club. Through a combination of manual therapy and a series of exercises, I am strengthening my core muscles and improving the conditions that caused my back pain in the first place. I am leaving Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC pain free and with a series of exercises to ensure that I stay that way. I am very pleased with the information and support that I have received here.

Tom M.

The aquatic therapy has brought me a great deal more flexibility without a lot of pain while performing the exercises. The resistance gives you a comfortable control and reduced joint stress allowing maximization of therapy to be concentrated to the damaged area. I would also highly recommend this to someone older or not in the best of shape for the same reasons. I would not consider a therapy clinic that did not include aquatics in their regiment.

I found Pat, the director, extremely caring and knowledgeable to my needs and concerns and I always left the session feeling less pain and a sense of achievement. She is a very uplifting person. With about 12 sessions behind me now, I have achieved greater movement in the involved area and in fact my entire body. With this, comes the luxury of less pain.

In summary, the sessions are within reach to even individuals hardly able to walk, to athletes with an injury. You go at a pace that is pain free yet beneficial. I consider myself very fortunate to be treated at this program as my quality of life improves with each treatment, and patients almost always leave in a better frame of mind. That’s a big plus!

Robert A.

I was suffering from severe lower back pain and was not able to exercise or perform daily tasks. The staff was very helpful and accommodating in my therapy. I am now able to exercise and perform daily tasks with no problem. The knowledge and explanations of exercises was very helpful. They are very nice and easy to perform therapy with.

Jason H.

I suffered from a back injury while doing gymnastics. It was recommended that I should have some physical therapy to help my injury. We came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC because it was so close to home in Shrewsbury and really convenient to get to. I am so happy we chose Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC because the people here are so nice and knowledgeable too. They knew exactly what I needed to get better. They always took their time with me and made sure I understood what I should be doing. I think the aquatic therapy was very helpful and fun. I’ve enjoyed coming to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC and will miss the super staff. Thank you so much! I am finally ready to get back to gymnastics.

Kayla M.

Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC is way above one I used elsewhere 8 years ago. The staff is very professional and very caring. I will miss my weekly visits, but hope to continue coming once a month.

Nydia M.

My experience here was very good. The staff were very knowledgeable and pleasant. I always looked forward to each visit. Even though I still need surgery, I definitely benefited from the therapy here.

Lou L.

I just want to take a moment to say thanks to the great team at Shrewsbury’s Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. Everyone was very helpful and extremely patient trying to work on a back injury that was in a really difficult spot to stretch out. On top of it all, I was in the middle of relocating so the stretching and strength exercises were great for someone lifting boxes, bending and twisting, as well as having a job that keeps me on my feet all day.

It is very obvious that every employee here cares about the patients they treat. I wish I could take you to Atlanta with me!

David W.

I started coming to physical therapy for a herniated disc in my back. At the time I started I have to say that I believe my pain level was greater than a 10. I could not walk, sit, stand, sleep or for that matter wove, without some level of pain. I was very fearful when I first started. I wasn’t sure any of this was going to work and thought for sure I was headed for back surgery.

Boy was I surprised! I had my initial evaluation and set up a course of treatment both at physical therapy and for me to follow at home. I was pretty much reassured that if I followed the program, I would be okay. What did I have to lose? She was right on the money and when I would have difficulty doing an exercise a certain way, she would always find another way to make it work, or an exercise to substitute in it’s place.

I was only asked to contribute minimal about of time to performing the exercises and stretches, but in return had amazing results. Within a couple of weeks, I could feel the flexibility and some mobility returning and the pain fading away.

I actually could not wait for my physical therapy appointments. While the exercises and stretches were and still are beneficial, for me, the manual therapy, heat and stim I believe is what helped me the most. Once I was given the knowledge of the tools (exercises and stretches), I could do that part of it myself. What I could not do was work the muscles manually to get them to relax and work with me, not against me.

Here comes Alicia, the best manual therapist I have ever encountered. She has this down to a science. She is the best of the best! She had promised me that the muscles would slowly relax and go in the direction they were supposed to and I would get relief. She was absolutely right! She is a very caring and patient therapist and it shows in everything she does with her patients. She takes the time to explain the exercises and stretches and how they help to make you better.

I was made to feel comfortable and welcome at each and every one of my appointments. I was never made to feel like I was a bother and I was never rushed from any of my appointments. The level of genuine caring and concern was both refreshing and encouraging. I never felt like I was just another number. Each time I went I had individual attention from one or more therapists. Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC is the place to go when you want excellent results!

I went to each session anxious to get relief and to see what progress the therapists felt I was making…well I am sorry to say that I have been released from therapy, my pain level is 0 and I wish I didn’t have to stop coming. My back has never been in such good condition and I cant remember the last time I didn’t have some level of pain.

From Cindy at the front desk to Alicia and the therapists, you are made to feel welcome. They put your care first and foremost and strive to make you better.

Thanks to such great teamwork, I have been able to get back to my exercising routine and can actually handle four classes a week! I have absolutely no back pain. I have not been pain free in many years, but I am leaving well equipped to maintain my good health for years to come!

Denise S.

The time I spent at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was very helpful. Everyone was pleasant to work with, they all did a great job. Always took me on time.

Janet Z.

I am so happy to have chosen Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. My therapist and staff were excellent. They were very caring, and spent a lot of time treating me and teaching me what exercises to do at home also. The receptionist, Cindy, was so sweet answering the phone and very helpful with my insurance. I give Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC a number 10. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you!


I came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to address a painful lower back issue that made any sort of movement very painful. The staff carefully listens to the problem and develops an excellent treatment and exercise program to address the problem. Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC has a highly talented and knowledgeable staff that is a pleasure to work with. I would gladly recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone seeking physical therapy.

Robert H.

I hurt my back trying to do yard work and moving large items in my garage. After a 3 hour ride in my car I could not move. I could not even pull on my socks. Joe and Tarah worked to stretch me out, strengthen my core, now I feel great. I have not been able to move so easily in years. I am not a number here, they care, and work very hard to get a program that worked for me. Thank you.


Before coming to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I was seeing a chiropractor for over 3 years. Even though that helped me a lot there were still several areas that caused me pain on a daily basis. I was very pleased with my treatment here. I had heard some stories about other people’s PT experiences where they saw a different person at every visit. At Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I saw the same people and it was evident that they cared about my progress. I have encouraged several people I know to go to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC.

Laurie K.

I have gained strength and mobility from my sessions. The “traction” has helped to stop my “skidding” and falling. I hope to continue with the tune up program. The staff here is the best!

Nydia M.

I would like to thank all the staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for helping me to go back to my daily routine. At first, it was very painful, but after my neck and back started feeling better after every visit. Thanks for all the good work.

Yokasta G.

The girls are awesome! I loved the treatment. They are so patient, the place was so nice and quiet. The exercises helped me a lot. The girl who did the massage (Alicia) was super! I loved the place, girls, and treatment. I am going to recommend this place to my friends.

Elaine C.

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