Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Success Stories

I am so happy we chose Greendale PT. My daughter could not move her arm after a broken elbow that resulted in surgery. The staff was wonderful with her. She can now do anything a normal kid does. I wasn’t sure at first if Greendale PT was “kid” equipped but they proved they were. I would highly recommend Greendale PT for adults or children. The staff is wonderful and we will miss them!

Denise N.

I want to thank Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for a job well done. They were very warm, helpful, pleasant, cordial, and professional in their work. They were successful in helping me with my elbow and restoring it back to normal. I am going to miss the crew.


Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was the second place I went to for my tennis elbow injury. Due to past experiences with PT for this issue I was not confident that my issues would improve. A special piece of equipment was needed to effectively treat my injury. My therapist researched this equipment, got approval to purchase and implemented it into my plan. My condition has improved almost 100% and I owe it to the knowledge of the staff here and their willingness to try new therapies.

I would recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC and their staff to anyone since they do everything and then some to help patients. Thank you!

Angela M.

After my elbow injury, I was unable to lift anything and couldn’t fully bend or extend my elbow. I’m a software engineer, and I could not even operate a computer mouse. Its been 6 weeks, and now the range of motion is back to normal. I played basketball with my son outside last night. I still have some work to do to regain strength in that arm, but I’m confident that it will soon have its original strength.

Thank you Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for all of the therapy and exercises you have shown me. Thanks to you, I have had a speedy recovery!

Scott W.

Before PT I was quite limited in many daily tasks. By visiting Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I regained strength in my elbow/arm and had a fabulous time doing it. My experience here was certainly a pleasant one. Always treated by kind respectful professional and fun people from the front desk to all the therapists. I will certainly miss all my new friends but I am extremely grateful for all the help you all gave me to regain my independence. I will probably see you later this year!

Maureen C.

In early July 2010, I broke my left wrist and was in a cast for about 5-6 weeks. I received a list of PT places from the Doctor and chose Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC because it was close to work. From the moment I called and made my first appointment to the last treatment, I received excellent care. I was able to get in right away which was extremely helpful. My wrist was sore, tight, and pretty inflexible. Matt did an assessment of the injury and then discussed a treatment plan over a four week period. He made sure that I was on board with the plan, treatment timing, and expectations. The expectation was that this was not just a quick fix and that I needed to give the wrist time to heal and work through the PT process. In the end, he was absolutely right.

The treatment proved very helpful and each week I could see the progress and the strength coming back to the wrist. I wanted to get back on the golf course ASAP and Matt warned me of the risk of re-injuring the wrist. After a few more sessions Matt had me swing a golf club and he was right again- no way was I ready. We spend the next few weeks increasing the exercises ad graduating to more difficult activities. It was all in line with the plan. Matt took the time one night on the way home to make sure I wasn’t going to push it and he was in right, and I was. We wrapped up in September and I got back on the course. Rusty, but I was back playing and a lot of that was due to the treatment I received at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC.

The staff was friendly, flexible, and genuinely concerned. I would certainly recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone that has an injury that wants to heal properly.


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