Shoulder Success Stories

I would like to thank everyone at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for helping me recover from my car accident. The staff was very professional and helpful. I had stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulders, the exercises and massage helped it greatly. There’s been dramatic improvement on how I feel and can do more daily activities. I would highly recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone. Thank you all for everything you’ve done to help me feel back to normal.

Esther S.

When I first started here at Greendale PT I was in quite a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder areas. Since coming here, I have greatly improved thanks to the extremely skillful and caring therapists. They have taken the time to make sure I am doing each exercise correctly and their manual massage techniques are excellent. They have made me feel very comfortable on each visit. I would highly recommend Greendale PT to anyone and I am very happy with my progress, and the stretching and strengthening exercises they have taught me to use at home work. Thank you all so much for your dedication!

Donna C.

I had been having pain, on and off, in my neck and left shoulder for years after an auto accident. It was painful for me to work long hours, but with the help from Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, I am able to work pain free. Additionally, I no longer have days when I cannot turn my head or get off the couch due to the pain. They are miracle workers that took the time and effort needed to fix my neck and left shoulder.

Amanda P.

When I began PT, I was unable to raise my left arm above chest level without pain. Physical exercises requiring the upper body was impossible. Now my shoulder is pain free, and I have resumed regular physical activity and exercise. The therapists at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC helped me through the process and gave me the confidence to take on more and more activity until I was back to normal. The education was the most important aspect of my treatment.

Richard B.

My time at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was a great experience that resulted in significant improvement in the use of my right arm. Prior to therapy, I was experiencing severe pain in my right rotator cuff, but I subsequently had an 80-90% improvement in pain and my ability to perform tasks and activities that I was previously unable to do.

I am extremely happy with the staff of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. They have been friendly, professional, and exceptionally helpful in all their work with me. They frequently went above and beyond what I expected in terms of service. For these reasons, I will most assuredly return for future injuries and recommend them to my friends and family.

Thank you Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for all of your help with everything. You are a great team, and I am very happy to have had the chance to work with you.

John R.

After total shoulder replacement surgery, my recovery can be attributed to the exceptional therapy provided at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. They put a program together for me that is amazing. I can do so many things now that I never thought I would do again.

Ed R.

I came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC after 4 shoulder dislocations which necessitated surgical repair. The experience has been GREAT! I arrived in February, a month out of surgery, with a shoulder that lacked any functionality. We started easy and simple and very gradually increased the complexity and difficulty of the exercises. All of the staff were supportive, attentive, and we had a lot of fun. I am leaving with a shoulder that is better and stronger than it ever was before the surgery. Thanks to everyone at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for such a successful rehabilitation. It’s been great!

Erik L.

When I first came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC I could not use my left shoulder or arm. The pain was at a 10. My experience has been wonderful. The staff in Shrewsbury was very caring. They working you but did not push you to extreme limits. I am now able to do everything with my left arm.

Thank you to all the therapists and receptionist for making my experience a good one. I would recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to anyone needing PT.

Janice M.

I suffered from extreme pain on my shoulder due to a rotator cuff tear. After having surgery, I came for physical therapy and found the ladies were very helpful and extremely good with their work. The exercises have definitely improved my abilities in the last few weeks. It is unfortunate that my insurance does not cover any more sessions as I feel I could do more with therapy. The ladies here are very good, I recommend this to anyone.


I would like to thank the entire staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for their therapy treatment. I came in with limited mobility of my right shoulder and approximately 10-12 weeks later I was able to do almost everything I could do before my injury- including bowling which means a lot to me. I am back in league bowling and getting back to my regular average again. Thank you.

Thomas M.

My experience as a patient at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC was very positive for the following reasons: the relaxed atmosphere, no waiting time, the staff is courteous, motivated and professional, and I received individual treatment at each visit and was encouraged to do my very best. The result of my rehabilitation was everything I hoped for and I can not think of any improvement.

Gisele R.

I started physical therapy after tearing cartilage in my shoulder. I had a hard time just falling asleep, much less was able to do much with my arm. Over a couple months of attention and smart work outs at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, I’m almost back to my pre-accident life. I work full time on a farm, hard physical labor is the name of the game- I couldn’t imagine doing this several months ago. Thanks a lot Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, you guys helped me get there!

Christopher Z.

Before treatment I had somewhat minimal daily pain in my bicep and was unable to workout without pain. On my initial visit my therapist found I had very little range of motion in my shoulder as well. After a couple months of treatment, I now have full range of motion in my shoulder and no pain in my bicep. I am doing exercises with weights and no pain. I am very glad I chose Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for my treatment.

Everyone at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC is extremely nice and professional. They helped me out immensely which I am very grateful for. I also love the fact that they are located within a gym which enables them to use gym equipment for their patients. I’ll be sure to come back to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for any future PT needs. Thank you everyone at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC for all you’ve done for me.

Matt C.

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Physical Therapist Assistants

Kim Barrow

MS, BS, PTA, Aquatics Director

Southern Connecticut State University, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Exercise Science
MassBay Community College, Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant

Areas of Clinical Interest
lower back pain and disk conditions, aquatics, chronic pain, post surgical rehab, balance issues

Certifications + Trainings
Certified ACE Personal Trainer, Craniosacral Level I, Graston Technique Levels I & II.

Trained in Burdenko Method, Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute (ATRI), Kinesiotaping, Biosynchronistics, Maitland Technique, Mulligan Concept, Functional Movement Assessment (FMA), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Muscle Energy Techniques of the Spine and Extremities

Ross Beaudette

BA, PTA, CSCS, Worcester Clinic Manager, Center Coordinator of Clinical Education (CCCE)

Worcester State University, Bachelor of Education
New England Institute of Technology,  Associates Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant 

Areas of Clinical Interest
sports rehab, injury prevention, ergonomics, post-surgical, footwear assessment and prescription

Certifications + Trainings
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluation certification, Matheson work hardening certification, ACE personal trainer, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), Active Release Technique (ART), Mulligan technique, McKenzie Technique, myofascial release, Muscle Energy Techniques of the Spine and Extremities

Nicolette Bender


University of Massachusetts, Bachelor of Exercise Science
Becker College, Associates Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant 

Areas of Clinical Interest
Rehab Pilates, pre and post natal, postural re-patterning, injury prevention, stability training

Certifications + Trainings
STOTT PILATES, NSCA-CPT, TRX, Biosynchronistics, Core Integration, Craniosacral therapy (CST Level 1 & cervical spine), Total Barre, CORE Athletic Conditioning, Diaphragm Release Techniques, Myofascial Release Therapy, Mulligan Techniques for the Extremities, Muscle Energy Techniques for the Spine and Extremities. ISP (injury and special population) focus that includes pre and post natal, scoliosis programming, & breast cancer rehabilitation. 

Alexandra "Allie" Hagan


Salem State University, Bachelor of Athletic Training
Bay State College, Associates Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant 



John Hannon


New England Institute of Technology, Associates Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant 

Areas of Clinical Interest
Back pain, footwear/gait assessment, balance/fall prevention, total joint replacement, workplace ergonomics/postural re-ed, injury prevention, aquatics

Certifications + Trainings
Summit certification in evidence-based assessment and treatment for TMJ, Blood Flow Restriction Training, cervical spine dysfunction, and headaches/post concussion


Katharine Osborne


Mount Wachusett Community College, Associates Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant

Areas of Clinical Interest
Manual therapy, myofascial release, lower back pain, shoulder and knee injuries, neck pain, kinesiology, trigger point therapy, patient education

Certifications + Trainings
Graston Technique M1-Basic Training