Leg Success Stories

I am writing to thank all of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. I broke my leg almost two years ago but went back too soon and got a stress fracture. Thanks to all the hard work and dedication of all of the staff. I am in better shape than before the injury. I also will highly recommend to anyone that is looking for treatment to visit this wonderful place.

Daniel S.

I went from being a walking gimp to being able to run with the excellent staff of Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. The staff is very concerned about the well being of their patients.

Jeffrey B.

I had a broken leg and was unable to move my leg or ankle prior to PT. I was shown how to work them and alleviate the pain with specific exercises for my leg and ankle. The massage and ultrasound treatments worked wonders on my muscles. By my 4th visit, I could move better and have less pain. I can walk stairs a few times per day and bend my leg. The therapists here are fantastic, pleasant, and professional.

Pat K.

I have been at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC several times, always with great results. The therapists are friendly and caring but always professional and well trained. I have been recommending Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC to others who have experienced very good results also. Coming here for PT is pleasant and very positive. The progress is amazing if you follow trough as instructed. I am very appreciative to everyone here. Thank you for getting me back on track.

Roslyn C.

Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC brought me back to running after 6 months of rest due to stress fractures in my shins. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. They increased my strength and flexibility immensely. My pain has decreased and hopefully soon I will be back to racing on the Shrewsbury High School Girl’s Track team. Thanks Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC you brought me from 10 weeks in a boot to running again, my passion. I loved the variety of exercises and the massages, as well as the ice and stim.

Annie K.

I came to your facility for physical therapy services following a fall on ice resulting in fractures of the bones above each ankle on my right leg. I chose your facility because my son received excellent care here 2 years ago following an open tib-fib fracture.

The most valuable part of my experience was the clinical expertise of your treating therapists. The program of treatment is highly individualized with a lot of emphasis on relearning the functional skills needed for a safe and successful return to work and recreational activities. The home program of exercises was very well explained and monitored. All of my many questions were answered knowledgeably. I have successfully returned to my employment working with infants and toddlers- a job that requires good mobility! I would recommend Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC without reservation. I will miss those ankle and leg massages.

Patricia B.

This is my second time using Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC and they are great. I have gone to many other places and they don’t match up!

Christine R.

After injuring my calf during a run, I was unable to bear weight on it. Gradually I began to walk with a limp until I came to Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC. During my time here, the therapists showed care and concern in my well being. I never felt like I was being ignored and all my appointments started promptly. The therapists would dedicate time to any area of concern even if it did not come from the injury. After completing my PT sessions I felt better than I did walking through the door. Upon my discharge, I am able to run again and feel that I have a better understanding of stretching and strengthening. Thank you for your support and attention to my needs.

Jeremy S.

I came in with great pain, burning and numbness in my left leg. I am not pain free and back to normal activities.

Paul S. MD

Since March of 2006, I have had issues with walking due to severe muscle/joint pain, most of it centered on my right side (hip/groin/back/leg). I also experienced whole body weakness. It became worse over the years until there was no reprieve. My condition negatively affected every aspect of my life and work. For over 5 years I made numerous visits to specialists in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Rheumatology ( I was told that I had fibromyalgia because my tests were all negative) and orthopedics with no resolution or answers until I ended up having total hip replacement surgery in November 2010.

Despite the surgery and months of PT (before and after surgery), much of my condition did not change except the groin pain was gone. Still there were no answers to the muscle weakness or as to why I was freezing up and not able to walk long distance. I could get around to do daily chores but not without a cane and much pain. In October 2011, I was prescribed another round of PT by a Physiatrist and this time I did my homework online and looked at programs and the backgrounds, qualifications, and interests of Physical Therapists at different sites in Worcester County. I was impressed with the sports, aquatics, and pilates connection the therapists had at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC and decided to go for a different approach and philosophy.

I am so thrilled to be part of the Worcester Greendale PT experience. Their no nonsense approach to getting me mobile and back to a physically normal state as being possible, has been a life changer. I have learned more about my body in terms of mechanics and muscle stretching and strengthening from my therapists than I have from any other PT experience. The sense of hopelessness in recovery I have been agonizing over the past several years has changed back to hope. Hope that it is possible with the right program and therapists to find my way back to some normalcy and the things I love to do. The haunting concern of someday ending up in a wheelchair for now is an afterthought. I am no longer dependent on my cane, have far less pain and discomfort, and I am getting stronger. Most importantly, it has been a tremendous stress relief and I am happier than I have been in years. Thank you to the therapists and staff at Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC!!! What a wonderfully friendly, supportive, and professional group of people to work with!

Ann L.

After a few months of pain and general feeling of frustration I was referred for physical therapy. The pain was in my right leg front shin. It was difficult to move and just doing daily functions. First thing everyone was friendly. They took the time to listen to me and was able to suggest a shoe change and exercises. Both helped right away. With each appointment I was greeted with friendly faces and people with a general concern of how I was feeling. I was always asked how I was and every appointment I was given all the information I needed to continue at home. While I no longer will need the therapy, I will miss the friendly faces.

Tracy A.

The way that they warm up the muscles before therapy is a big help because it makes the therapy easier and the exercises that they put you they are very easy to do to relieve the pain. They do match the exercises with your every day activities to make them easier to keep your activities.

Elizabeth S.

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