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Fractures and Dislocations

A fracture is when there is a crack in the bone. This can be caused by extreme force or stress on the bone, such as a car accident or fall. A dislocation occurs when there is an abnormal movement of a joint which causes it to slip out of its proper place. Fractures and dislocations may require surgery depending on your situation. The goal of physical therapy is to decrease pain and improve range of motion to get you feeling back to normal.

We offer physical therapy options to speed healing and reduce pain, including:

  • Gentle range-of-motion and strengthening exercises as tolerated after surgery
  • Manual therapies
  • Modalities including heat, ice, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation
  • Patient education regarding activities, posture, and biomechanics

Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC helped me regain the strength in my ankles and feet to keep me walking and continue to exercise and golf. The staff are all well skilled, pleasant, and supportive. I would highly recommend them to my friends for PT. They are a great group!

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