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Hip and Knee Injuries

Hip and knee injuries are common in many sport activities, especially running, cycling, skiing, football, and soccer. Poor flexibility, over striding while running, not enough stretching before exercise, and improper or ill-fitting equipment are all risk factors. Muscle strains occur when an individual’s muscles are pulled too far by force of activity. Muscle tears happen when the muscle actually tears away from the tendon that attaches to the bone. Physical therapy treatments focus on increasing the range of motion of surrounding muscles.

Greendale Physical Therapy can help you manage these issues, including:

  • Stretching exercises to improve flexibility and range of motion in the hip and knee joints
  • Customized exercise program to increase strength and endurance in lower body muscles
  • Manual therapies
  • Modalities including heat, ice, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation
  • Patient education regarding activities, posture, and biomechanics

Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC helped me regain the strength in my ankles and feet to keep me walking and continue to exercise and golf. The staff are all well skilled, pleasant, and supportive. I would highly recommend them to my friends for PT. They are a great group!

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