Payment Options

We recognize that every patient has special circumstances, and that an extended course of physical therapy can be a costly venture. We work closely with your insurance company to acquire the appropriate payments—so you don’t have to.

Payment Methods Accepted

Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC is an in-network provider for most insurance plans. Co-pays and deductibles can be paid with MasterCard, Visa, cash, or check.


Most insurance plans or Medicare will cover a portion or all of your treatments. We ask that all our patients take responsibility for knowing their particular insurance coverage, and be prepared to meet the requirements of their policy, including their deductible. However, if your policy is not clear to you, we’re happy to help you understand your coverage and payment requirements.

Before your first visit, we will verify and authorize your insurance, and review your coverage, co-pays and deductibles with you by phone. A letter verifying your responsibility for payment will also be provided after we confirm your coverage.

Co-payments must be made at each visit. If a deductible is part of your policy, you do not have to pay it in full up front, but we do ask that you pay each session’s applicable portion at the time of your visits.

If you were injured in an auto accident, both your auto insurance and health insurance will be billed. Typically, this covers the total cost of your visits.

No matter your situation, we want you to get the care you need so you can lead a pain-free life. If you are concerned about the affordability of services offered by Greendale Physical Therapy, LLC, please contact us and we will help you make it work.

They put a program together for me that is amazing – I can do so many things now that I never thought I would do again.

Edward R. Shrewsbury, MA

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